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From February 1, 2021: Earn 4% cashback on purchases, fewer returns, at merchants classified by the credit card network such as grocery stores and supermarkets or gas stations and automated gas pumps. Earn 2% cashback on purchases, net of returns, from merchants classified (i) by the credit card network as local and subural commuters in Canada, including subway, streetcar, taxi, limousine and ride-sharing services (excluding merchants who can be classified as travel services or travel reservations such as air transportation, car rental and cruises), (ii) restaurants and restaurants, bars and fast food outlets (iii) Payments that are authorized to a merchant to be made regularly daily, monthly or annually, and that are considered recurring by merchants. All other purchases earn 1% cashback. Cashback is earned for card purchases less returns and not for cash advances, global cash transfers™, interest, fees, balance transfers, payments or CIBC convenience cheques. Credits for returns made to your account may result in a cashback deduction at a higher rate of pay, although the return may relate to a purchase where cashback was earned at a lower price. 7 The reward calculator tool is for general illustration purposes only; Actual results may differ. Aventura Points and cashbacks are earned for card purchases less returns and not for cash advances, interest, fees, balance transfers, payments, regular cashouts ciBC Convenience Cheques and Aventura Point. For the Aventura Visa Infinite Card, an additional 50% Aventura Points for gas, food and pharmacy card purchases are only available for the first $80,000 of annual net card purchases on your account (i.e. all card purchases of all cardholders from any type of merchant); Thereafter, net card purchases from food, pharmacy and gas distributors receive Aventura points at the normal rate. . .


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